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Edward J. Laremore

Senior Pastor Atlanta Road Alliance Church

Atlanta Road Alliance Church,

P.O. Box 756,

Seaford, DE  19973

Phone: (302) 629-5600

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Dear Pastor:

I am writing to highly recommend the Travis Lee Band to you and your congregation. I know the Travis Lee family personally; they are a part of my extended family. They also recently ministered to our church through leading worship and giving a concert.

I want you to know they not only sing of their faith, they live it. They have a commitment to the Lord and to His Word. Their songs are fresh and deep and seek to communicate the truths of the Word of God.

The entire band and family display a servant spirit and have a variety of skills even beyond their music. Their desire is to use them all for the Lord. They minister to others through service, life style, and their musical talent. Our church greatly enjoyed their ministry and is excited about having them back. I believe your church will be blessed to have them. I strongly encourage you to put them on your schedule.



In our Lord,

Edward J. Laremore

Senior Pastor


Ivan Hinkeldey

Host of God Pleaser's Radio 91.1 FM KGPF

  The interview with Travis and Allegra Lee was such a blessing to us at KGPF (Keep God Pleasers Faith). Hearing how God has led them to a "Walk of Faith" shows their dedication to hear God and to be obedient followers. I would recommend them for any church or recovery group in the world because of their love for God

Jeff Tiemeyer

 Associate Pastor/Youth Pastor The Way Bible Church

The Way Bible Church

Sulphur Springs, TX   75482

Phone: 903-438-2363









As an Associate Pastor and Youth Pastor for the last eight

years, I know the challenge that it can be to find new and

exciting things to bring to our  people.  Well, let me assure you

that I have found an answer to that need.  The Travis Lee Band

is an asset to any pastor or ministry that chooses to allow them

the opportunity to come in and minister.  They truly have hearts

that are tuned in to God and have a genuine love for His people

and His Word.  Very polite, very humble and compassionate

with amazing talent that they use to magnify God.


Whether they lead worship or teach or all the above, God's glory

and love flow through them in a real and powerful way.  So do

yourself (and those that you lead) a favor:  Allow the Travis Lee

Band to minister and watch what God will do!


Jeff Tiemeyer

Associate Pastor/Youth Pastor

Jacob Colnar

 Celebrate Recovery Director Ste. Genevieve



Jacob and Kaylie Colnar

30 Triangle Drive

Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670






June 14th, 2016


Dear Sir or Madam,


    As leadership staff of Celebrate Recovery in Ste. Genevieve, it is with great joy that I recommend Travis Lee and Allegra of the Travis Lee Band to minister with you and for you! They have ministered at both our church and our CR ministry. They are firm believers in Jesus Christ and the Bible! Both have a heart for God’s hurting people. They have a powerful testimony that blesses all who hear what God is doing in their lives! I have no qualms about giving Travis and Allegra the highest recommendation to minister in your church. If you have any questions, please contact me at (573)880-7181



With great joy!


         Ministry Leader of Celebrate Recovery, Ste. Genevieve MO

          Jacob Colnar


Travis Lee Band/Faithwalk Ministries

12376 Oak Drive Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670


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