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The Travis Lee Band Story

     The Travis Lee Band story is not one of chasing fame and music industry success, but rather a story of mere obedience. Travis Lee was an administrator at a Christian school, and a regional musician/worship leader. Allegra, who had formerly enjoyed dancing and singing in musical theater, had an established career as a intermediate public school teacher. Having recently married, they were blissfully enjoying life, growing deeper in their love for each other and their love for God. However, in 2009 God prompted them to do something that would change their life forever.


      During a time of prayer and fasting, Travis and Allegra were overwhelmed with the urgency that this world is on a time-clock, and the time to share their faith was now. In response to this, the couple resigned from their jobs and set out on mission to take the life-changing power of Jesus to every street corner, stage, and shadow possible.


      Four days after completing their teaching contracts, the couple left home in a modestly used RV and set out to share Jesus with others through their music and witnessing. Immediately, doors began to open for them to serve. Within months, a network of opportunity in prisons and drug rehabilitation centers began to unfold. Travis was stirred and quickly developed a passion for discipling recovering addicts and former inmates through in-depth Bible study. At the same time, they would grow more in their abilities as performing artists and songwriters. The band found themselves saturated in opportunities to challenge others to fervently pursue God through their thought-provoking songs and heartfelt worship.


     Inspired by the biblical account of Jesus' disciples, Travis and Allegra continue to travel to any place that will welcome them. They require no payment but offer to share the Gospel and their music free of charge. By faith, God has sustained them through random love offerings and occasional side work.


      The Travis Lee Band regularly tours almost all fifty states with their four young children in a Saturn Outlook with A-frame camper. Why? Because time is short. Jesus is coming back and they want to purposely serve as the light He called them to be to the lost.


Who is the Travis Lee Band?

Travis Lee is a loop-artist vocalist/guitarist/mandolinist who utilizes cutting edge creativity in contemporary worship and their own brand of thought-provoking songcraft. He is also an author of devotional books, passionate proclaimer of the Gospel, and Bible teacher.

Allegra is an outstanding vocalist/instrumentalist who juggles life on the road as a homeschooling mom while backpacking babies. Along with her husband, Travis, they share God's life-changing Word and reach out to anyone willing to hear.

Vic records with the Travis Lee Band and performs at TLB appearances in the Midwestern region of the United States. He is a prolific songwriter and versatile musician. Adding elements of harmonica, guitars, and a unique percussion flavor, he is an effective member of this ministry team.


Travis and Allegra's Family

Scythe, Sabre, Arrow and Lance

Travis and Allegra travel with their four children. They are a homeschooling family and enjoy God's blessing and grace as they do ministry together.